What the heck are those things!

“Boomwhackers®” are brightly colored plastic tubes that are tuned by length to musical notes. They are fun and easy to play! Invented by Craig Ramsell in 1994 as a more durable option to the cardboard rolls of gift wrap paper that he’d been whacking against his legs to make music with, his Boomwhackers caught on with big and little kids everywhere.


A great way to expand your musicality, Boomwhackers are a wonderful complement to drumming, as they introduce melody and provide a beautiful contrast to the bass of the drums.

When tapped gently into the palm of the hand, each tuned Boomwhacker colored tube produces an individual note on the pentatonic scale.

“What is a pentatonic scale?” you may be asking.  Made up of the notes C, D, E, A, G, and C, a pentatonic scale is a musical scale with five pitches per octave. Found all over the world throughout history, the pentatonic scale is loved for its’ innate harmonic resonance.  Some examples music using the pentatonic scale are: world folk music from Ireland, Hungary, Greece, Korea, Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam, China, India, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Albania and North America ; West African music; African-American spirituals; American jazz, blues and rock; the Afro-Caribbean tradition; the Polish highlanders; music of the Great Highland bagpipes; and Western Classical compositions.

Drumatic Innovation

Rhythmic accompaniment to physical education enhances the development of physical skills. Learning to play an instrument enhances fine motor co-ordination.

The Boomwhacker orchestra at Drumatic Innovation is made up of this same pentatonic scale, so when we’re grooving with 300 of our best friends, we’re all actually honoring a long-standing musical tradition. Who knew we were so cultured!

Boomwhackers have become an essential element in the drum circle facilitator’s toolkit.

They are ideally suited to audience participation at large conferences and events. Any number of people in an auditorium can all play together following the facilitator’s direction from the stage.

Kerry (Shakerman) Greene is an excellent resource for Boomwhackers, shakers, rasps, rain sticks, joia tubes, bells, and lots of fun percussion toys.  Shakerman, a friend, fellow musician and presenting artist at Seattle World Rhythm Festival, knows all about instruments that shake, rattle and hum so be sure to check out his website.

So, what does the Drumatic Innovation Rhythm Specialist Team do when they wade into a group of 300 drum circle participants, each person holding a colorful, tuned Boomwhacker in hand? One at a time, each color group is guided to play a unique rhythmic pattern.  In doing so, we will each be finding our own beat within the symphony, listening to our peers while contributing our own voice.  Soon, these intertwining rhythms come together to produce a melodious composition and before you know it your group, no matter how diversified, will be making music together, resulting in cohesive community harmonizing.  Manic to magic!

Drumatic Innovation is currently conducting drum circles, rhythm events and drum classes throughout the Inland Northwest. Drumatic Innovation is based in Sandpoint, Idaho.

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