Music education is a critical element in our children’s development!

The Children at Pioneer School in Shelton, Washington shared a fantastic day.

We Played Drums and Percussion instruments together and had a great time. All of the students were engaged and on task resulting in really fun day of music making.

The mission of all Drumatic Innovation Drum Circle programs for schools is to empower its participants to experience the universal language of rhythm.

All individuals are rhythmic and need only to have it uncovered from within.

Drumatic Drumcircle programs, whether educational, stress relieving, or team building seek to facilitate this experience so that a group of people may become empowered to play, think, and live more rhythmically with the world around them.

The facilitated drum circle is the vehicle for the journey.

Article from the Daily Olympian

Pioneer School Article

The children and staff at Pioneer School in Shelton were a joy to work with!

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Drumming Reduces Stress

Drumming is Fantastic for Seniors

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