Drumming and Dyslexia

The following article was written by one of our private clients, Landi Dial, in November of 2010.

She brought her 11 year-old daughter to see us with the intention of giving drumming a try, to see if it would assist this brilliant young girl in overcoming the challenges brought on by dyslexia.

Mother and daughter both participated in drum lessons with us, once a week for an extended period of time.

Our client presented us with a copy of the contribution she made to her daughter’s school newsletter, in regards to the results drumming has had on the symptoms of dyslexia.

With permission, the article is quoted here, as follows:

Tips and Tricks

This is our first year home schooling and we are thankful to be at ORLA (Olympia Regional Learning Academy).

Our daughter is in the 6th grade and we have been dealing with her dyslexia (all of us have it) since the beginning of her school experience.

In the public school system she got so far behind in reading that in the 3rd grade we took her out of school for a week to participate in the ABC Dyslexia program.

That was a great help and got her up to a 3rd grade reading level.

She still struggles with memorization and focus which makes home schooling a challenge on some days.

Thank goodness for drumming!

I had read that doing simple drumming exercises helped with focus and attention so I called up Michael Clark, looked over his web site, and made our first lesson time.

Wow, what a difference this experience has made in our daughter’s ability to focus and memorize!

Each morning we start off with just 10 minutes, more if she is really going for it, of drumming.

We found that it is a great way to bring her into focus before we start studying and it appears that learning to keep a beat has increased her listening skills.

Drumming has also helped with memorization of the states, we drum as we recite the states and their capitals.

I don’t consider myself a “drummer” but being able to find a modality that helps my daughter learn, increases her focus and is fun for us all has been a wonderful assist to our family.

Below is the web siteĀ  info, well worth checking out.

Michael Clark


Quote from the website:

Shown mostly in children, drumming develops the skill of focus.

In following along with the beat of the music and learning to keep tempo, children are exercising their brains and developing skills that without drumming they may not ever use.

Playing music utilizes every part of the brain in both hemispheres.

When playing along with the music, children are using each part of their brain to ensure that the beat they are producing coincides with the beat they are hearing.

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