Testimonials for Drumatic Innovation Workshops

The quality of the music created in a drum circle has little to do with the ability or musical experience of the participants but relies more on the quality of the emerging relationships that making music together naturally develops.

No one says it better than our clients

As a group activity, drumming is a fantastic metaphor for a community as it requires the full co-operation of all members, and through drumming one can really feel part of a team, and fully understand that their role is vital to the greater whole.

Chinook Middle School – Manic to Magic in 60 Seconds

”Dear Michael,
We all enjoyed your visit at CMS on Friday. What a wonderful team building experience. I wish we had done it earlier in the year. It was amazing how you get the students to work together so quickly. Expect to hear from us again next year.”
Judy Lyon, Teacher, Chinook Middle School

Optimum Workshop Time

“Staff and students enjoyed the day. you were extremely effective with the students. Most of the instruction was non-verbal allowing optimum time to play instruments. The culminating performance created a wonderful sense of team work within the entire student body.
Theresa Turner, Principal, Washington Elementary

Music is a Blessing

”We have been blessed for 2 years now in our Indian Education Culture Camp! The kids and staff loved it! It’s loud, active, and fun. Thanks!”
Kathy Payne, Teacher, Bremerton Indian Ed Culture Camp

Valuable Organization

”Superbly organized and very enjoyable for all. Staff commented that it was the best musical visit they had experienced.”
Mrs L Dinsdale – Music Teacher, St Peter’s First School

Experience speaks volumes

”I have been teaching for 33 years and have never heard or seen anything so inspiring as the rhythm workshop. The children loved it.”
Ms K McIvor, Music Teacher

We can easily work with large numbers

“I was mesmerized by your ability to run such a fantastic workshop with so many children at once! The children raved on about it for weeks after…it also gave me ideas for carrying on the teaching of music and percussion.”
Ms J Elgar – Music Teacher, Cherry Tree Hill Primary School

Music is only a part of it

“A really inspirational day for the children. Not only were they enthralled by the musical activities, but they developed their ability to listen, respond to non-verbal communication and work together as a group.”
Ms C Haynes – Principal, New Hinksey Primary School

I really love my job!

”Your enthusiasm and the simple but effective rules for the children combined to give them a fantastic opportunity to make a noise in a structured environment. They loved the whole afternoon and talked about it enthusiastically afterwards to parents and peers.”
Mrs. S Rimmer – Music Teacher, Sudbury Primary School

Drumatic workshops are an investment in your children’s future!

”A worthwhile investment, everyone gained something from the day. It was a delight to see all staff searching for an instrument to play in the concert. Very well organized and suitable for all ages. See you soon.”
Ms B Mound – Principal, Aqueduct Primary School

Everyone benefits!

”Everyone enjoyed the day and staff and pupils alike benefited by having fun and working together.” Ms C Cordiner – Music Coordinator, Whitley Abbey Primary School

Stimulating, enjoyable and entertaining…Indeed!

“All the children and the staff thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Comments from staff included: very stimulating, they kept everyone’s attention. All the children performed brilliantly, even those who can’t normally keep a beat going. Very enjoyable and entertaining—It was fun, and they were competent in controlling the children. We were amazed by how the children’s interest was held. It was all brilliant. Prior communication meant that plans could be made for the day to run smoothly.”
Mrs. M Lym, Teacher, Wigmore Primary School

We keep everyone engaged!

”Whole day was superb. All teachers were full of praise and the children had a thoroughly enjoyable day. Lots of hands on and rhythm work even though all the sessions had 90+ children! Amazing! We would like to book you again in the future as such a valuable day for all.”
Mrs. Hand – Music Coordinator, Meadows Primary School

Behavior? No Problem!

”You enabled inclusion of pupils with a special education need by allowing them to meet you and see the instruments prior to their workshop. Any inappropriate behavior was managed in a positive, unobtrusive manner.”
Ms C Lane – Principal, Carlyle School

We Understand your needs!

”Very sensitive towards the needs of a diversity of pupils.”
Ms A Firth – Principal, Oakwood Primary School

DailyBee Drum Circle

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