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  • Drumatic Innovation
    Drumatic Innovation Drum Circles; Manic to Magic in 60 Seconds!
    Welcome to Sandpoint’s Most Experienced Drum Circle Provider.
  • Introduction
    We supply all of the instruments to make music fun and accessible for any community, corporate or educational event.
  • Benefits of Drumming
    A Drumatic Innovation Drum Circle results in enhanced communication skills and promotes teamwork for your Organization.
    • Why Drumming?
      Drumming encourages teamwork and builds skills in listening, communication, and leadership; our goal is to help people build stronger communities through making music together.
    • Recreational Drumming
      Recreational music is about inspiring exceptional living, support and personal experience, and it’s about having fun.
    • Reduce Stress
      It has been proven that hand drumming can alter a person’s response to stress at a genomic level.
    • For Seniors
      Decreased anxiety and depression, improved joint mobility and posture, making social connections.
    • For Schools
      Drumming has been noted for teaching children intangibles like creativity, self-esteem and co-operation
    • For Children
      Studies have shown that drumming improves children’s academic performance, improves test scores for those with an arts education and bolsters self-confidence.
    • For Community
      This multi-generational, multi-cultural, activity encourages listening and relating to each other without words and is really a re-connectionto the ancient wisdom found in all cultures about the beauty and importance of community gatherings.
    • For Corporate
      “A Pennsylvania corporation saved $89,100 in costs associated with training new hires by using drumming to improve morale…”
    • Conference Openers
      You can expect an interactive team-building rhythm event that will energize and empower any group of professionals.
    • Team Building
      Drum circles are a highly effective way of introducing the revised shift in attitudes necessary for building teams.
    • Health Benefits
      Documented health benefits of drumming: decreases stress, strengthens immune system and improves mood.
    • Venues / Clients
      Clients we have worked with include Microsoft, Hands On Children’s Museum, Seattle World Percussion Festival.
  • What is a Drum Circle?
    A drum circle or rhythm circle is a group of people sitting with chairs arranged in a circle experiencing the spontaneous creation of music on a variety of drums and percussion instruments.
    • Boomwhackers
      Boomwhackers are plastic tubes that are tuned to musical notes.
  • Drum Class / Events
    Do you want to learn to drum but don’t know where to begin? Experience Sandpoint’s most popular hand drum class!
    • Drum Lessons
      What is the best type of drum lesson for you: group classes, private lessons or self-taught?
    • Private Lessons
      Another option is personal hand drum lessons in the privacy of your own home.
    • Gift Certificates
      Give the gift of drumming! Gift certificates now available for private hand drum lessons.
    • Host a Drum Circle
      It’s easy! We supply all of the instruments and guide your group into musical harmony.
    • Advice For Beginners
      Along with the standard Arthurian drum circle etiquette suggestions, I have some advice for beginning beginners who are joining a drumcircle event for the first time.
    • Drum CircleEtiquette
      “Drum circle events of any kind, are about dynamic interactive musical and personal relationships. These relationships, when involved inany group rhythmical alchemy event, are based on a simple set of unwritten guide lines.”
    • Class Book
      A drum rhythm workbook, written by Michael!
    • Handout Rhythms in 4
      Drum class handout, counting rhythms in 4, along with MP3 links!
    • Handout Rhythms in 3
      Drum class handout, counting rhythms in 3, along with MP3 links!
  • Calendar
    A calendar of drum events around town.
  • All About Drums
    Here you will find links to some of the most interesting information we could find about drums.
    • Drum Anatomy
      Here’s some groovy insight into drum anatomy!
    • Drum Repair
      Whether you are in Sandpoint or Spokane, or anywhere in between, trust your djembe, ashiko, conga, bongos, dunumba, sangban, kenkenior conga to Drumatic Innovation for high quality drum repair and tuning!
    • The Djembe Drum
      More information than you ever wanted to know about the West African djembe! This will teach you to distinguish between an authenticdjembe and an “African-style djembe” drum.
    • Ashiko
      Way more information than you ever wanted to know about the ashiko drum, its’ history, culture and influence on music world-wide.
    • Drum Tuning
      Will I need to tune my drum? If the head of your hand drum is made from goat skin, the pitch will change with changes in humidity.
    • Drum Heads
      There are many options for goat skins for your djembe. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to which goat skin to use. The skin that produces the sound you are looking for is the right skin.
    • Choose your Drum
      What should I look for when I am ready to purchase a drum?
    • Drum Cost
      You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a good sounding hand drum, is fun to play and which will have enough of a tonal range(high to low).
    • Drum Size?
      There are two dimensions to consider when purchasing your first drum; the drum head or face size and the height.
    • Drum Care
      Tips on how to care for your hand drum.
    • Drum Construction
      Drums can be made of many different materials. All the materials have different sound characteristics. I think the craftsmanship of the drums as much to do with the sound quality as the type of wood.
    • Drum Links
      Some interesting drum links.
    • Drum Manufacturers
      Links to drum and percussion manufacturers.
    • Drum Related Sites
      Links to interesting websites about drums.
    • Drum History Sites
      Links to great sites about the history of drums, drumming and drummers.
  • About /Contact
    How to contact Drumatic Innovation.
  • FAQ
    Answers to FAQ about Drumatic Innovation.
    • Drum Circle Set-Up
      How is a drum circle set up?
    • Magic Hat Donation
      What is a Magic Hat donation and what are the funds used for?
    • School Event
      An overview of a typical day in a school looks something like this.
    • Links
      Yes, even more links to interesting drum-related stuff!
    • Drumatic Products
      Drum Rhythm Workbook, rope puller and much more!
    • Testimonials
      We think we’re great, but our clients say it best!
      • Sandpoint Front Page News
        “Sandpoint drummer keeps the rhythms flowing.” Article by David Gunter of the Bonner Bee
      • Hands On Children’s Museum
        “Thank you so much for your kind donation of an afternoon Rhythm Workshop for the Hands on Children’s Museum on December 29th,2009” – Marcia Johnson – Ed program Coordinator HOCM
      • WA Reading Corps
        “It was an amazing experience. The team loved having you there, it made a huge difference in the teams overall energy.”
      • WA Department of Health
        “Michael is an incredible facilitator – how did he get us to do that?
      • Pioneer School
        “All of the students were engaged and on task resulting in really fun day of music making.”
      • Jett Foundation
        “Your kind donation provided accessible and adaptive opportunities for campers aged 6 – 25 whom have been diagnosed withneuromuscular disorder.”
      • Jareeda Magazine
        “I encourage anyone to participate if you have a chance. It was a very rewarding experience for me.” – Halima
      • Drumming and Dyslexia
        “Thank goodness for drumming!”
    • Drum Articles/Research
      Fascinating research and articles relating to studies on drumming and recreational music-making.
      • Importance of Drums
        Primitive music is more rhythm than it is melody. Some of this primitive music is tremendously expressive.
      • Musical Hormone
        The neurological effects of music on the brain.
      • Stress Management
        The positive effects drumming and music have on the stress response.
      • Fortune 500
        Corporations are boosting employee productivity and reducing sick days by getting workers to march to the same drummer – literally.
      • Drum Therapy
        Drum therapy is an ancient approach that uses rhythm to promote healing and self-expression.
      • Reduce Burnout
        A study documenting the effects of drumming and music on mood states of long-term care workers.
      • Drumming Rehabilitation
        African drumming and psychiatric rehabilitation.
      • Music Therapy
        Drum circles are gaining increased interest as a complementary therapeutic strategy in the traditional medical arena.
      • Babies Born to Dance
        Research shows babies respond to the rhythm and tempo of music, and find it more engaging than speech.
      • Corporate Drumming
        Corporate drumming has become one of the most popular team building activities among businesses of all types and sizes in recent years.
      • Musical Expression
        Creative musical expression as a catalyst for quality of life improvement in inner-city adolescents placed in a court referred residential treatment program
      • Educational Drumming
        Truly a “hands-on” experience, students learn about the drumming traditions of several cultures by actually playing their own drums,bells, and shakers.
      • Improve Mood
        Recreational Music-Making (RMM) has a positive effect on burnout and mood states in first year associate level nursing students.
      • Shamanic Drumming
        Native Americans and most of the indigenous peoples of the Earth have known for thousands of years that drumming is a powerful spiritual tool.
      • Therapy for Addiction
        This article examines drumming activities as complementary addiction treatments and discusses their reported effects.
      • At Risk Youth
        Creative musical expression improves quality of life for at risk children and adolescents.
      • Drums in Pharmacies?
        Should drums be sold in pharmacies along with other natural health and wellness remedies?
      • Drums-Not Drugs
        Drums can help people who are recovering from alcohol and drug abuse.
      • Cardiac Genome Study
        The association between emotional stress and coronary artery disease has been the subject of numerous peer-reviewed publishedresearch investigations.
      • Why Drum?
        What is it about the drum that inspires, energizes, brings people together?
      • Stress and Music
        “In ancient times music and medicine were integrally related,” noted Bittman.
      • How Drumming Boosts Your Health
        Some of the documented positive effects that drumming has on health.
      • Stress and DNA
        Music Trades (August Issue) is pleased to announce a remarkable scientific breakthrough that will forever impact our global understanding and appreciation of music-making and health.
      • Childhood Music
        The most important benefit, however, is the proven positive effects music has on brain development.
      • Inner City
        Study shows significant progress in youth rehabilitation efforts through recreational music making.
      • The Birthing of a Rhythmaculture
        The drum’s power as a tool for wellness has long been acknowledged among indigenous populations, and has recently been explored by a variety of practitioners and researchers.
      • Power of Music
        Active engagement with music sharpens the brain’s early encoding of linguistic sound. Eight year old children with just 8 weeks of musical training showed improvement in perceptual cognition compared with controls.
      • Memory and Music
        How does anxiety affect memory and musical performance?
      • Drumming is Good!
        Drumming is good for us! Positive effects include hemispherical synchronization in the brain, deep relaxation due to the meditative effects,and increased IQ.
      • Leadership Skills
        Our growing understanding of the uses of hand percussion, and the trickle-down of quantum concepts into everyday thinking have set the stage for dramatic positive change.
      • Expand the Beat
        The drumbeat echoes the heartbeat, connecting us to our deeper selves. It’s a universal language which communes with people from other cultures.
      • Stroke Patients
        Music therapy is used widely for rehabilitation of patients that have had a stroke.
      • Arts Education
        “Every student in the nation should have an education in the arts.” The American Association of School Administrators.
    • Past Events
      Here are just a few of our past memorable events.
      • Tradition’s Drum Circle
        Traditions Cafe’s Drum Circle
      • Flute Quest 2010
        Drumatic Innovation at Flute Quest 2010, Saltwater State Park.
      • Drums Under the Dome
        Drumming under the Capitol Dome, an unprecedented musical event conceived of by Michael, brought the drumming community together like never before.
      • OutLaw Drummers
        The OutLaw Drummers are available for performances and drum workshops in Sandpoint Idaho and many areas throughout the Pacific Northwest.
    • Site Map
      A guide to the extensive Drumatic Innovation website.
      • Detailed Site Map
        Descriptions to the numerous Drumatic Innovation web pages.
      • Connections to Other Drumatic Locations
        Here are some other locations that you may find useful information about Drumatic Innovation, the OutLaw Drummers, Drum Circles and great drumming blogs
      • Privacy Policy
        Privacy, it’s a good thing.

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