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OutLaw Drummers

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OutLaw Drummer Band at Hempfest 2009

Misty OutLaw Drummers

Misty said... I love the primitive sensual sound you guys have. Keep it coming!!!

Band Members

Stevie Garness Lead Singer

Rob Rideout Lead Guitar & Vocals

Scotty McDevitt Drum Kit

Max Rauh Bass Guitar

Bill Moore Djembe

Michael Clark Djembe and Percussion

Brass in Pocket

Gold Dust Woman

Just a Girl

You Outta Know

White Rabbit


Wolf Haven 8.16.08

WH SoldOut 300x222 OutLaw Drummers

Sold out at Wolf Haven

From Left to Right:
Max Rauh
Bill Moore
Katie Greer
Michael Clark

DailyBee OutLaw Drummers

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