Drumming Under the Capitol Dome!

Here are the results from our Olympia Dome Drum Adventure on Sunday the 20th of December 2009.

Absolutely Fantastic!

There is a video at the bottom of this page!

And special thanks to Kay Schultz for the amazing photo’s.

We did 7 sessions and each session is broken down into separate tracks
(I had to break them up due to file size)

You may need to turn up your volume!
And give it a minute to start (large files!)

Here is our warm up.

Dome1A 12-20-09

Dome1B 12-20-09

Dome1C 12-20-09

Dome1D 12-20-09

Then we had some fun.

Dome drum circle

Everyone is a Creator of the music

Dome2A 12-20-09

Dome2B 12-20-09

Dome2C 12-20-09

Dome2D 12-20-09

Now that we are warmed up here we go.

Dome3A 12-20-09

Dome3B 12-20-09

Dome3C 12-20-09

Dome3D 12-20-09

Boomwhackers! What a magical journey.

Drum circle in the Capitol Dome

Is this Bliss?

Dome4A 12-20-09

Dome4B 12-20-09

Dome4C 12-20-09

Dome4D 12-20-09

I do believe that we Rocked the Dome!

Dome5A 12-20-09

Dome5B 12-20-09

Dome5C 12-20-09

This is how Olympia Drummers Celebrate the 2009 winter Solstice.

Dance and drum in the dome

And special thanks to Carrie, Kashani and Molly for their dancing contribution

Dome6A 12-20-09

Dome6B 12-20-09

Dome6C 12-20-09

Dome6D 12-20-09

Is this the end or just a beginning?

Dome7A 12-20-09

Dome7B 12-20-09

Special thanks to everyone that attended. It was you being there that make it so fantastic.

One of the most outstanding things for me is the fact that so many of the local Olympia drum and dance groups were represented.
Thank you

dome drum circle in Olympia

Joy and Bret tranced out!

Crow Drummers
Drumatic Innovation Drum Class
Samba OlyWA
Drum Fun
OutLaw Drummers
Planet Percussion
Mas Uda

“Feel the rhythm in a special place…”
Hand Drums Under the Dome

December 20, 2009
1:30 – 3:30
Capitol Rotunda

A Solstice Celebration of Community, Spirit and Light

The winter solstice is a time of foreboding and expectancy; of darkness giving way to light. It’s a time to reach out and to look deep within; to relinquish the darkness of the past and embrace with hope the dawning of the new year, and it’s a time to celebrate the community of life.

This solstice celebration community drum circle is an opportunity to experience the power and magic of rhythms in harmony.

Dome Drum

Did Ida have fun?

The capital dome is a significant symbol of community and strength. Like all life communities, strength is achieved through diversity and harmonization of individual uniqueness. The physical attributes of the dome also provide a unique canvas for experiencing the rhythms of a community drum circle.

Picture by Kay Schultz

Picture by Kay Schultz

Olympian Article Drumming in the Capitol Dome

Olympian Article Drumming in the Capitol Dome

DailyBee Drum Circle

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