We have Hundreds of Instruments Available including authentic African Djembe's and bells, a variety of woodblocks, shakers, triangles, and tons of others!

DRUMatic Innovation is an innovative advancement in communication and cooperation using drum circle music as a metaphor!

We supply all of the instruments to make music fun and accessible for any community, corporate or educational event.

Nothing serves your needs better

  • From icebreakers to team building or just plain entertainment
  • Great for Stress Relief
  • Drum circles are innovating, educational and challenging
  • Everyone has an active contribution in creating the music
  • Drum circles are safe, friendly and sociable
  • Suitable and accessible for all ages and abilities
  • In schools core social elements are experienced first hand

We easily accommodate hundreds of participants.

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What makes hand drumming so inviting is that it is quite easy for inexperienced players to pick up without the frustration of learning technical skills. When you join a drum circle your only task is to contribute what you feel comfortable doing and the circle finds a way to embrace it in the melody. This in itself provides stress relief and positive energy for your psyche. A drum circle creates a sense of acceptance and community.

Our mission is to attain DRUMatic personal advancement through the unlimited power and flexibility of the facilitated drum circle. This is accomplished by creating a safe, fun and friendly environment to encourage individuals to explore and experience their own unique resources.

Facilitated drum circles, also called rhythm circles, naturally improve the comprehension and interpretation of respect, inclusion and cooperation while at the same time encouraging creativity and ingenuity through proactive participation. Listening and communication skills are also drumatically enhanced as well as confidence and self-esteem.

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DRUMatic Innovation Drum Circles are fun, creative, and diverse to educate, inform, entertain, challenge and delight participants of all ages and abilities.

It’s not just about the drumming. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Wrapped up within our dynamic fast paced unique program there is a myriad of related topics taking place simultaneously. As a matter of course, participants are taking part in an environmentally rich arena experiencing elements of team work, fair play, cooperation, respect, proactive participation, creativity, self empowerment, unity through diversity to name but a few…

Drum circles are perfect for enhancing communication, cooperation, and confidence.

Community drum circles are an ideal family environment!

Percussion events are innovative and diverse which makes them ideal for corporate stress busters, icebreakers, team building and staff training.

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Drum circles are naturally fun, fast paced and entertaining

With all DRUMatic Innovation workshops we unconditionally guarantee
your experience to be Fun and Educational
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