What does a day in my school look like when Drumatic Innovation comes to put on a drum circle workshop for the children?

As an overview a typical day in a school would normally be something like this:
The Drumatic Innovation team arrives about 1 hour prior to the first workshop to offload and set up our equipment.
We run a series of workshops through the day, usually 3 or 4 workshops. The amount of time allocated to each workshop is dependent upon the age group and number of students that we are working with. In each workshop we guide the children through a series of music related exercises designed to enhance their ability to follow instructions and work together (among numerous other things like communication, cooperation, sharing, listening… etc.).

Imagine all of your children making music together

Imagine all of your children making music together

If requested, we will have all of the students get together for a short End of Day Concert. This is an amazing experiential event. (Yes, every child has an instrument. Imagine that!)
We supply all of the instruments and work with your school to create a custom timetable to be able to provide workshop time for all of the children in your school.

Drumatic Innovation is based in Sandpoint Idaho, serving many areas of the Inland Northwest.

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