This is a guide to ensure that your Drumatic Innovation Drum Event runs smoothly at your school.

Maximize Your Workshop Time!

Due to the large amount of equipment and space used for the event, the allocated room needs to be reserved exclusively for the school workshop from 1 hour before to at least 30 minutes after the last event. (Please see the “End of Day Health and Safety” paragraph near the bottom of this page.)

Our workshops are progressive. Please ensure prompt arrival for each group as we cannot commence until all participants are present. (Please copy and distribute and/or display the agreed upon timetable.)

Please contact any groups, clubs or organizations that would normally be using the space to give them time to relocate for the day.

In Advance

We require seating for all the participants involved in the school workshop to be placed in the room prior to our arrival. (Enough chairs for the largest group of participants that we will be working with, including staff, excluding concert setup. We are unable to accommodate pupils bringing their own chairs at the beginning of the workshop.)

Also if a floor covering is required for the gym floor please have that in place prior to our arrival. We do not have the time or the physical ability to manipulate large gym floor covers.

On Arrival

We will arrive approximately one hour before the start of the event to offload and set up our equipment. Please ensure or a member of staff is on-site to allow us access.

Please allocate a parking space as close as possible to the venue for offloading and accessing our equipment throughout the day.

(Van full of instruments. Average 20 to 30 trips to unload.)

Staff Involvement

We have found in our experience that a short, pre-workshop meeting with the staff involved is required. (We would obviously leave this to your discretion to find the most convenient time for this to occur. We take only 5 minutes from the time all staff arrives at the venue.)

The Workshop

The length of workshop is specific to the age group and number of participants that we are working with. (Please contact us well in advance before making any major changes so we can coordinate a feasible alternative.)

Each individual session is tailor made to the student numbers and age groups that you have given us. Accuracy in participant numbers in advance is vital to the success of the event. (If there are any significant changes to the original numbers please notify us at your earliest convenience.)

End of Day Health and Safety

As it is unsafe for children to be underfoot when we are moving heavy, bulky equipment, we require that the room remain vacant for at least 30 minutes after the event to locate, inventory, clean, repack and remove our equipment.

We have found that there are 5 main areas that consistently result in the loss of workshop time.

  • Long, awkward distance from the delivery van to the venue, usually involving stairs.
  • Floor covering or seating not available on our arrival.
  • Groups, clubs or organizations attempting to utilize the workshop space.
  • Late arrival of workshop participants.
  • A significant unexpected change in the number of participants for the workshop.

We hope this information is of benefit to you.

We look forward to having a fantastic day at your school!

Please note that any date changes or cancellations must be approved minimum 30 days prior to the event date or full price for that day will be required.

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