How is a drum circle set up?

TheĀ  drum circle set up is determined by the space available and the number of participants. Ideally for more that 20-25 participants arranging the seating in concentric circles with access lanes for safety and easy access for both the participants and the facilitator.

For very large circles this format becomes quite critical in creating a safe space so everyone can both hear and see what is going on.

INF Seating Drum Circle Set Up

An ideal circle set up is in concentric circles creating a "sound bowl"

Large single circles of over 30 people allows the sound to bounce around the room and it is acoustically very difficult for the people on one side of the room to stay on the beat with the other side.

I normally will place drums and other percussion equipment on or under each chair to assist in creating music that is much more diverse that just drums alone.

DailyBee Drum Circle Set Up

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