Private Lessons at Your Location

Another option is personal hand drum lessons in the privacy of your own home.

Cost is $50 per session and that may include up to 5 participants, so you and 4 of your friends can learn to drum and split the tuition fee.

Each session is about 90 minutes.

We can supply the drums!

Drumming increases concentration and focus, helps develop communication skills and encourages people to listen and communicate effectively with each other.

We now sell Gift Certificates for Private Lessons – what a great way to surprise your family, friends, and business colleagues!

It is a great way for people to explore their creativity, which leads to greater respect and understanding of themselves and others.

We all have days when we are so stressed out and we just want to take a break from it all.

Have you ever noticed that when you hear soft, soothing music you feel more relaxed?

Playing a drum can do that and more, especially if you’re the one playing. Drumming¬† is one of life’s simple joys, it helps calm and focus the mind.

DailyBee Drum Circle

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