Have you ever thought about hosting a Drum Circle at your next event?

We supply all of the instruments and guide your group into musical harmony.
Up to 400 Participants.

Organizing the drumming is hassle-free and it’s designed to take place wherever you are holding your event. We come to you with drums for everyone and can set up where it’s convenient. All you need to provide is chairs.

Drumatic Innovation Facilitated Drum Circles are safe, fun and family friendly.

No Experience Necessary!

Not only are drum circles a wonderful way to have fun and meet new friends. Other recognized benefits include it as exercise for the mind, body, spirit and a great stress reducer.

Who Uses Rhythm Events?

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What makes drum circles unique is the fact that the results are immediate and organic. There are no lectures, and no formal lessons. All of the learning and understanding is discovered by the participants effortlessly. Guaranteed to add an amazing energy and fun to any event.

  • Festivals, parties and special events (uniting diverse populations and having fun)
  • Corporations (building teamwork, morale and communication)
  • Medical facilities (increase energy, foster sense of well-being)
  • At-risk youth (build confidence, self-esteem, respect, listening skills)
  • Correctional facilities (positive relationships)
  • Treatment centers (recreational tool, catalyst for increasing spirit)
  • Schools (cultural awareness, music education, includes special needs)
  • Senior Centers (awaken hidden talents, strengthen memory, rekindle youthful energy and low impact exercise)

Did You Know….
Our facilitated drum circles have been tested and proven for many years. We guarantee the very best in group recreation possibilities. Our drum circle program is a positive approach to drumming. We take the risk and guess work out of establishing a drumming circle at your facility and best of all we provide all of the instruments.

The quality of the music created in a drum circle has little to do with the ability or musical experience of the participants but relies more on the quality of the emerging relationships that making music together naturally develops.

The drum transcends all boundaries of race, religion, age, gender, social position. Interactive drumming breaks down barriers of hierarchy, age, gender, culture and language. The drum is the most powerful of the musical instruments. It is an instrument that lives in every culture around the world in one form or another.

What makes hand drumming so inviting is that it is quite easy for inexperienced players to pick up without the frustration of learning technical skills.

When you experience a drum circle your only task is to contribute what you feel comfortable doing and the circle finds a way to embrace it in the melody.

This in itself provides stress relief and positive energy for your psyche. A drum circle creates a sense of acceptance and community.

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