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Here is the only rhythm book that SOLD OUT
at the prestigious
Seattle World Rhythm Festival!

What makes this book unique compared to others is that this is a ‘workbook’ with room for you to enter your personal notes and become a co-creator of your own final product. It contains literally hundreds of hand drum rhythms and a picture reminder of how to tune your drum.

It is based on the unique style of notation from Babatunde Olatunji

Gun – Dun – Go – Do – Pa – Ta
It is both easy to learn and works the same with either a right or left hand lead.
Easy to use. Opens flat so it’s easy to read.

Small size means it is easy to take to your next facilitated drum circle!

Sample in 4 Link

Sample in 3 Link

Drum Rhythm Work Book

The easy way to remember drum rhythms

Easy to Read - Easy to Learn

Easy to Read - Easy to Learn - Space for Your Notes

Be sure to take part in Sandpoint’s most popular hand drum class.

Bonus Rhythms in 4

Bonus rhythms in 4 sound files go along with the Drumatic Rhythm Book.

Count 1   &   2   &   3   &   4   &  
Or Count 1 2 3 4 2 2 3 4 3 2 3 4 4 2 3 4
Or Count 1 E & A 2 E & A 3 E & A 4 E & A
Hand R L R L R L R L R L R L R L R L
Fanga-1 G     d   d g d G   G   p t    
Fanga-2 G     D G   g d   D   D G   p t
Fanga-Both B O T H   P A R T S   1 & 2    
Sagacious G   G   g D   D p   G t   D g d
Twisted g   g t G D p   g d   t G D p  
Ghost G   G   g d g   G     D g   g d
Sagaciously Twisted     A L L   3   P A R T S      
Macru-1 G     t   d g   G   p     d g  
Macru-2 g     t       d g   p   p     d
Macru-3 G d   d G   p   G   t   G   p  
Macru A L L   3   P A R T S          

Drum Rhythm Notation Workbook

The Easy Way to Remember Drum Rhythms

Drum Rhythm Workbook

Endorsed by both students and teachers as “possibly the best rhythm workbook on the market”
Only $25 (contact us for bulk orders)

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About This Book

These rhythms are not to be taken as “traditional” or even as correctly notated. This is a compilation of my personal notes from the many drum classes that I have taken and people that I have drummed with. They are to be considered as a memory aid only. Due to the complexities and subtleties of some of these rhythms any attempt to confine them to the limits of paper can only result in a gross approximation of their true nature. If you desire to learn traditional cultural specific rhythms please find the nearest Master Drummer and attend their class. There you will learn traditional cultural specific rhythms as they are meant to be. Many thanks to all of the teachers that I have had the honor to experience on my drum journey. May your journey be magical. Enjoy!
Namaste’ Michael

Drum Rope Puller

Possibly one of the best tools ever made for tuning your drum

Rope Puller
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“The spirit of the drum is something that you feel but cannot put your hands on, It does something to you from the inside out . . .
It hits people in so many different ways.
But the feeling is one that is satisfying and joyful.
It is a feeling that makes you say to yourself,
I’m glad to be alive today! I’m glad to be part of this world!”
—Babatunde Olatunji— 1927-2003

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