Cardiac genome study

Recreational music making modulates the human stress response: an individualized gene expression strategy for cardiac patients.

Two hypotheses to be examined in this study are as follows:

1) stress induction in accordance with a specific protocol generates unique individualized patterns of gene expression (individualized genomic stress induction signatures) in subjects with a history of ischemic cardiovascular disease;

2) the active performance of a specific RMM protocol (Clavinova Connection) by subjects with a history of ischemic cardiovascular disease ameliorates stress induced gene expression changes to a degree that exceeds the modulation associated with a resting state.

A central component of the complex human biological stress response is the modulation of the neuro-endocrine-immune system with its intricate feedback loops that support homeostatic regulation.

Well-documented marked gene expression variability among human and animal subjects coupled with sample collection timing and delayed effects, as well as a host of molecular detection challenges, renders the quest for deciphering the human biological stress response challenging from many perspectives.

The association between emotional stress and coronary artery disease has been the subject of numerous peer-reviewed published research investigations.

Extensive reports have documented the relationship between a myriad of psychosocial factors and morbidity/mortality associated with cardiovascular diseases. Negative emotional states, chronic and acute psychosocial stressors and social interactions have been linked to clinical manifestations and mortality.

Subjects include a total of 36 subjects (including 4 backup subjects) with a history of ischemic cardiovascular disease.

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