The Growth of Corporate Drumming

By: Groshan Fabiola

Corporate drumming has become one of the most popular team building activities among businesses of all types and sizes in recent years.

The still-growing phenomenon began several years ago and was especially championed by researchers like Dr. Barry Bittman, who in 2004 conducted studies to see how weekly drumming sessions could help improve the overall mood and work efficiency of staff members at a Pennsylvania nursing home.

Dr. Bittman found that after six weekly group drumming sessions, the staff member’s mood improved by nearly 50%, and there was also a decrease in depression and feelings of tiredness and fatigue.

The effects of the drumming sessions continued for a year and there was a significant decrease in employee resignations.
After conducting that study, Dr. Bittman continued to campaign for the introduction of corporate drumming sessions across the entire spectrum of business industries.

His call has not gone unanswered.

Today, hundreds of businesses nationwide, including many Fortune 500 companies like Toyota, Starbucks, and Microsoft, are using drum circles as a method of corporate team building.

Corporate drumming has been popular all over the country, such as in Southern California, where San Diego team building events employ drum circles as their main team building strategy.

It has also flourished as a Los Angeles team building technique, with many Hollywood celebrities jumping on board.

Other places in North America where corporate drumming has become especially successful include Atlanta, Washington, Vancouver and Toronto.

Corporate team building

Drumming is based on people working together to achieve a common objective each in their own way.

Drumming is the ideal team building activity.

Many of the health benefits of drumming have been scientifically studied and recorded in such major publications as USA Today, the Washington Post and The Los Angeles Times.

Drumming boosts your immune system by increasing the activity of white blood cells in your body.

It also gives you a good cardio and upper body workout that doesn’t put much stress on your limbs or joints and it has been scientifically proven to reduce stress levels.

But aside from its recorded health benefits, drumming is a very effective way of infusing a company’s staff with energy and a feeling of group cohesion.

Drumming is a very simple and fun activity and also one that serves as a powerful metaphor for teamwork and synergy, which are at the very core of what constitutes a successful corporate team.

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