About Molly Smith

Dance, a life-long passion, is integral to her sense of fun, as it is an outer expression of her inner joy for life. It was dance that led her to drumming, and through this passion that she met Michael who taught her to drum. Now together, they run DRUMatic Innovation, bringing the joy of music and drumming to people far and wide.

Molly Tambourine

As you can see Molly's love for music and dance started very early in life

You’ll see her teaching hand drum lessons with Michael; loading and unloading drums at community events and performances; playing the dounouns (West African drums played with sticks) at rhythm events; and greeting drum circle participants.

What you may not see her doing is the myriad of other administrative and supporting roles that comprise her partnership in the company. Drum re-builder, web-master, researcher, administrator, writer, and very proud all-around gofer.

She has a fascination with drum history, culture and rhythm reference. With a focus on West African drum culture, she finds no matter how much she learns, there’s always another vast horizon to be discovered!

For new drummers, she offers these words of wisdom. “Practice. Practice. Practice. Then, practice some more!” (Advice she takes herself on a daily basis, not because she has to, but because it’s FUN!)

First Thursday event in June 2011 at Cedar Street Bridge, Sandpoint Idaho.

Mainly trained as a Middle Eastern dancer, she studied primarily with Audrey Stamm of FreeHouse Dance, in Canada. She has trained under a variety of other instructors, including Suhaila Salimpour.

Other dance styles she has experienced include tap, African, ballroom, and country/western.

Somehow, it all came together to form a collage of styles, true to none, but respectful of all, and she dances for the sheer fun of moving to music.

This joy of music and dance is best enjoyed when shared, and it is her sincere hope that the community of Sandpoint will join her in the celebration of being alive.

It is with gratitude that she dances to the inspired music of the talented drummers of this community, and gives a special heartfelt thank you to Michael for sharing his love of music with all of us.

Molly invites all the drummers, of all styles and cultures in the community to come together and contribute their own unique rhythm to the creative flow of music and dance.

DailyBee Drum Circle

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