Drumming for Recreation

Recreational drumming is rapidly gaining support, thanks to a number of programs designed to motivate people who may have always wanted to play music but had limited access and/or opportunity.

Each drum circle event program has the following in common:

* They are group based
* They are guided by a facilitator
* They do not have top class performance as a goal
* They emphasize the social interaction, rather than musical competency
* They have a replicable methodology and are therefore deliverable in the same manner at various locations

Recreational music is about inspiring exceptional living, it’s about exceptional support and personal experience, and it’s about giving people permission to play and have fun. Here are some existing music programs that may motivate you to start making music.

* Drum circles for schools
* Community drum circles
* Corporate drum circles
* Senior drum circles

The rhythm circle movement is gaining momentum is the U.S. in educational, therapeutic, community and industrial settings. Recreational drumming gives people permission to play and it’s totally non-judgmental. Group drumming is the simplest form of recreational music and the easiest musical expression for non-musicians.

According to psychotherapist Robert Lawrence Friedman, author of The Healing Power of the Drum, drumming is innate within us because of our own inner rhythms-our heartbeats, our breathing, our brainwaves.”

A Drum Circle Is:

  • A community music-making event where people sit or stand in a circle while playing hand drums, djembes and percussion instruments.
  • People play improvised rhythms. Music is created in the moment.
  • Instead of a teacher, there is a facilitator (someone with musical experience and facilitation training who leads from the center of the circle.)
  • In the drum circle, there is no audience. Everyone is part of the performance.

Group drumming and music therapy are being used more and more in therapeutic situations as a means of stress reduction.

  • Drumming is accessible It provides successful experiences to everyone – All ages, people with physical challenges, people with no music experience.
  • Drumming is good music It involves improvising beautiful music.
  • Drumming is expressive It helps to control and release emotions and stress.
  • Drumming is physical It involves coordination of the body and mind, and is good exercise.
  • Drumming is powerful The drum represents power so people feel empowered to play it.
  • Drumming is communication It is a universal language.
  • Drumming is bonding It creates a feeling of support and connection in the group setting.
  • Drumming is cognitive It requires perception, attention, and memory.

DailyBee Drum Circle

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