Drum Circles as Conference Openers and Ice Breakers

Start your small or large conference, regional or national meeting, or open public event with a Drumatic Innovation facilitated drum circle to unite everyone into one group rhythm.

From the beginning we will create connections between participants which will last throughout your event.

Eliminate tension and stress before you or your speakers deliver their messages.

Whether for training, sales, public relations, or just plain fun, having your group of attendees beating on drums and percussion instruments in a synchronized rhythm with others will leave them stimulated.

Drumming together creates a deeper feeling of belonging, fosters self-respect and a sense of accomplishment. It provides a positive outlet for anger as well as a chance to feel part of something.

Feeling successful builds self esteem and it is that feeling Drumatic Innovation strives for, to leave each participant thinking “If I can do this, next time I face a challenge I will remember this success and push forward”.

In the weeks following a corporate drum circle, research has shown that worker absences and tardiness decrease substantially.

Drumatic Innovation will bring your team together in a fun and exciting way. Smiles and laughter will be shared among all participants, a strong feeling of kinship will be experienced.

You can expect an interactive team-building rhythm event that will energize and empower any group of professionals.

  • We will bring drums and percussion instruments for everyone and facilitate a drumatic musical experience.
  • All events are tailored to your specifications including buzzwords and themes from your organization.
  • We will use drumming as a vehicle for creating synergy in the workplace.
  • We will demonstrate the metaphorical similarities between your drum circle and your work place by experiencing how a group can come together to create one fluid experience with the sum being larger than the individual parts.
  • We will also experience the correlation between the need for respect, teamwork, endurance and concentration as well as the need to let go and truly be in the moment.
  • Participants will feel more alive and ready to face the challenges of the workplace as well as a deeper sense of camaraderie among their co-workers.

A Drumatic Innovation drum circle is a team activity where each person contributes their own piece of the music and everyone feels included.

DailyBee Drum Circle

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