Drumming For Community Events

Serving the Sandpoint area, and many locations in the Inland Northwest including Spokane!

Who Uses Rhythm Events?

  • Festivals, parties and special events (uniting diverse populations and having fun)
  • Corporations (building teamwork, morale and communication)
  • Medical facilities (increase energy, foster sense of well-being)
  • At-risk youth (build confidence, self-esteem, respect, listening skills)
  • Correctional facilities (positive relationships, anger management, stress relief)
  • Treatment centers (recreational tool, catalyst for increasing spirit)
  • Schools (cultural awareness, music education, includes special needs)
  • Senior Centers (awaken hidden talents, strengthen memory, rekindle youthful energy and low impact exercise)

We deliver all of the instruments and set up the drum circle at your location.

Drumatic drum circle

Delivered to your Event

Drumatic Innovation facilitated drum circles are an experiential program for opening or closing conferences and workshops — or as a fun-filled ice-breaker for any team or group.

You’ll be amazed at how the simple parts played with tuned drums and percussion instruments can create a song that expresses any group’s internal dynamic.

The principles involved in making a rhythm circle work are the same as those involved in enlivening a team’s creativity: cooperation, communication, quality relationships and individual contribution.

Its fun, its interactive…you’ll love it! Guaranteed!

Drum circles by their very nature reduces stress and builds teams.

Drumming Transforms

Fun and Engaging

They stand on their own, transform individuals into an explosive rhythm band and inspire communication on every level.

What makes drum circles unique is the fact that the results are immediate and organic. There are no lectures, and no formal lessons. All of the learning and understanding is discovered by the participants effortlessly.

Guaranteed to add an amazing energy and fun to any event.

Check our Venues for a list of venues that we have worked with.

Have you ever thought about hosting your own drumcircle at your next event?

We supply all of the instruments, including a variety of djembes, hand drums and percussion, then guide your group into musical harmony.


An Amazing Experience!

Up to 500 Participants.

Drumatic Innovation Drum Circles are safe, fun and family friendly.

No Experience Necessary!

This multi-generational, multi-cultural, activity encourages listening and relating to each other without words and is really a re-connection to the ancient wisdom found in all cultures about the beauty and importance of community gatherings.

DailyBee Drum Circle

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