What size hand drum do I need?

There are two dimensions to consider when purchasing your first drum; the drum head or face size and the height.

An adult who intends to play the drum in the sitting position will want a drum about 18-22 inches tall.
This will allow the drum to rest on the floor while playing.
Anything smaller will require the drum player to hold the drum up between their knees.
This can become tiring after some time playing.
People in the 6 foot height range may want a drum taller than 24″.
Even one more inch makes a difference.

The head size generally determines the drum’s tonal range.

Generally speaking, the larger the head size, the greater the tonal range.
For an adult the head size should be no smaller than 10-11 inches in diameter.
Many people believe 12 inches is the minimum, however, we have heard many 8-11 inch drums heads sound better than 12-13 inch drums.
This is because there are other factors that contribute to the overall sound of the drum.
Some drums with large head size have what we call a ringy or twangy and less focused sound.

Drums with 6-8 inch heads are great for children and for back packing.

Play as many drums as possible to get an overall feel for what suits you.

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