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Traditional African Symbols and Their Meaning
Aya (Fern) defiant, independant, resourceful; Kojo (Rays) heavenly, all knowing;

African Hand Drums and Percussion
The percussion of Africa are classified into two main categories, idiophones, and membranophones (hand drums)

Fair Trade African
Ensuring that the craftsmen who built your African Drum received fair compensation for their labor is not an easy task.

What Size Djembe Should I Buy?
When selecting the right size djembe, it’s important to first consider what you want to do with the drum.

Djembe Construction and Types of Djembe’s
Djembe drums can be made of many different materials. All the materials have different sound characteristic.

Earth Friendly Green Djembe
Regardless of the country of origin of the wood used to produce your djembe, all countries have the same basic requirements for certifying the timber.

How To Play in a Drum Circle
The point of playing in a drum circle is to have fun.  You are coming together as a drumming community to socialize through your instrument.

How to Tune a Djembe
There are two steps for tuning a djembe: pulling diamonds, tightening the verticals

Djembe Strap Instructions
Djembe straps can be used in both the standing and sitting position.

How to Buy a Goat Skin for Your Djembe
There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to which goat skin to use.  The skin that produces the sound you are looking for is the right skin.

Anthrax on African Drums?
Anthrax on African Drums – FAQ  What is Anthrax?

Djembe Drum Head Replacement
Installing a new goat skin drum head on a djembe is not a difficult task.  If you are at all comfortable working with your hands, you should be able to install a new skin on your djembe.

Glossary of African Drumming and Dance
Agooda Sierra Leone street music; Ambass-bey Cameroonian street music; Apala Yoruba vocal and percussion music from Nigeria;

How to Play a Djembe
There are two positions for playing the djembe, standing and sitting.

Djembe Care and Maintenance
Play your djembe with your hands, no sticks or mallets. This will ensure optimal head life.

Ashiko Care and Maintenance
An ashiko with a natural hide head and rope tensioning requires the same basic care as a djembe.

How to Buy an Ashiko
Ashikos are constructed using two different techniques. They can be carved from a single piece of wood or glued up from staves or strips of wood. If they are carved from a single piece of wood they have a greater tendency to crack or split.

Buying a Djembe Drum
Buy from a reputable dealer who has a “no questions asked” return policy. Different woods produce different sounds. It’s hard to know what type of wood you are going to prefer. This really just requires you to play a lot of djembe drums.

The History of the Djembe
The African djembe drum, pronounced jembe, comes from the Mali Empire of West Africa.

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